Celebrate the art of wine making, the passions and the pleasures, among the picturesque hills and plains of Nelson - simply unforgettable!


NZ wine writer Joelle Thomson on the art of Nelson winemakers:

Nelson winemakers are creating hand-made wines, taking risks with wild yeast fermentations, unproven grape varieties and new styles of wines.  It is this skilled, artistic approach to winemaking rather than a factory-focused one that makes the synergy between wine and art so natural in the Nelson region.
Like the visual artists, Wineart members welcome visitors to their cellar doors.  These are creative people with a hands-on approach to the winemaking process.  Many wineries are small, and even the biggest operations are family-owned.  At the cellar door you can meet the winemaker, experience their passion and take some of it home with you in a bottle. 


Paul White, wine writer for Gourmet Traveller, WINE:

"Stylistically, there is a self-restrained tastefulness to Nelson wines that’s hard to pin down. They don’t chase a buck with a set commercial style, as other wine regions do. They don’t try too hard to please, and they definitely don’t show off.
Drinkability and balance are the essence to Nelson’s wines. The area’s prevailing café culture, its alfresco dining and brilliant seafood probably play a part in this. And while soil and climate are factors, it’s the human element that makes the region’s wines so different.”



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-   Hectares in production (2005): 646 hectares
 -  Vintage production (2006):  5623 tonnes
-   Wineries in Wineart Group:  23 wineries



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